Paris After Marville and Atget website


Explore the Paris of Haussmann and Napoleon III in photographs by Charles Marville. Compare how the sites look today as documented by Peter Sramek and see where Eugène Atget repeatedly photographed some of the same locations. Use historical maps to discover how streets have changed over 150 years. Listen to Parisians speak about how their city has changed. Connect to a live map to locate yourself when in Paris or see what the streets look like today.

Free access on the web at:        English / français.

Access at Consider purchasing the book with its extensive essays and many photographs.


- Photographs of 183 locations;

- Detailed images licensed from Agence Roger Viollet, the Musée Carnavalet and the Bibliothèque Historique de la Ville de Paris;

- English and French texts/ textes en français et anglais;

- Detailed maps from 1835, 1868, 1900 and 2015;

- Street sounds and audio commentaries by Parisians speaking about their city;

- Street index, museum catalogue information and notes about the photographic collection of Charles Marville;

- Links to a live locating map when connected to WiFi showing image locations. Usable in Paris for navigation - live locating can cause considerable roaming charges. but if you pre-load the Paris area map in G-Maps WiFi is not needed;

Note: Please be patient with the initial downloads if you have slower internet service.There are many high resolution image files.


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